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"Where the hell am I?" ― Steven Omeo, upon realization that he is in a different world
Steven Omeo is the protagonist in ''WataMatta''.

Steven's story centers around how his seemingly peaceful and carefree life is brought to a halt as he becomes a target by a Demon and is thrown into a completely different world.



"In truth, my parents owned a restaurant and we lived above it. I do miss them, I wonder what they're doing right now, without me." ― Steven, after lying to a student about his family
Steven was born on February 14, 1999, in Los Angeles, California. Being born to a family of small restaurant owners.

One day, when Steven was walking to a plaza with Lucas when he ran into a supposed girl whos friend had been buried under rubble at a construction yard. After being tired out, the girl was revealed to be a demon and attacked them. Nearly escaping his death, Steven was transported into a new world, being washed up on the beach of Feles Isle, being found by a Nekomata named Kanna.

Events of A Brand New World!


Steven is first introduced as he was barely getting out of classes, making his way to the front gate to meet Lucas and William. Though, William was nowhere to be seen. They continued without him, running into a girl begging for help, only to be attacked later on and being transported to another world. He meets Kanna, a Nekomata, who tells him that he is not in Los Angeles but on Feles Isle.