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"Celebrate with me, I finally made a million coin selling potions!" ― Yuuna Hisakwa, asking Steven to join in her celebration.

Yuuna Hisakawa is a character in WataMatta, appearing as a main character.



Yuuna is Kanna's mother. As a young adult, she was arranged to marry Captain Hisakawa, much to her dismay. In an attempt to protest her wedding, she has an affair with another man and becomes pregnant with Kanna. Although, she was distraught upon hearing the news of his death, showing that she indeed did care for him.

Being raised by a caring family, she learned how to do alchemy from her mother and how to sell them from her father. She would spend hours with her mother in the garden while her father was gone, creating a very strong connection between the two. She wasn't as close to her father, who would, according to Yuuna, disappear for a week. In reaity, her father was a successful merchant and he spent a great deal of his time in Ostroven.

Upon moving to Everhand, she used her skills she learned and opened a potion shop called, Yuuna's Elixirs. It would soon become a very successful shop, as she manages to sell high-quality potions making 1 million coin. Along with the shop, she would spend a great deal of her free time with her daughter Kanna, and with Cynthia before Steven would come along.

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